Our Point of Difference

Within The Health Informatics Service we see customer service as a key differentiator. As such we place real emphasis on improving the customer experience, encouraging staff to be customer centric and to focus on improving service quality.

  • Our Assistant Director of Informatics, Corporate and Operations is responsible for all aspects of Service Delivery, ensuring a consistently high quality service
  • Customer Service Managers are in place to manage the customer relationship
  • We hold formal contracts with all of our customers, which are managed via a detailed set of predefined and agreed Service Level Agreements
  • Customer feedback is always used to improve our services
  • Net Promoter Scores are used to monitor levels of customer satisfaction
  • Business Standards are implemented to reinforce positive behaviours,systems and processes
  • We are key members of the national Health Informatics Benchmarking Club
  • We celebrate success with our staff.

We believe that we are able to cultivate an organisational culture which shares the same beliefs and values and we work hard to ensure that this is maintained!