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Web Development Services

With the help of our design team we design and develop content managed websites, intranets and applications suitable for a whole host of audiences.

We understand the NHS marketplace, so work routinely balancing the adoption of NHS guidelines around identity and creating a unique web offering. All of our builds are built mobile first meaning that our solutions work across a variety of devices as standard.

To make sure we operate to the best of our strengths as a team, and ensure we have a specialist in the fields we provide, we have spilt the work we do into 3 sections or specialisms with all receiving our post project service.

Web Development

We design and develop websites and intranets that will bring your content to the forefront and throughout our process we will work with you to make sure the site suits your needs.

All our sites are built to comply with NHS and accessibility guidelines as standard with optional extras to enhance your offering.

We build our websites on our chosen Content Mangement System (CMS) TYPO3 which allows you to have full control over the content on your site with no web experience whilst allowing us to ensure security and maintenance continues behind the scenes 

Web Applications

We have skilled developers within our team who can build you a bespoke system with varying functionality in our chosen coding language of PHP.

Whether you need a booking system or form, we can develop the system you need with the right functionality while complying with NHS and accessibility guidelines.

All our systems are vigorously security checked and we provide continued maintenance as standard.

Web Database Solutions

Over the years we’ve developed quite a number of small intranet based database applications for host Trust CHFT, using ASP (Active Server Pages) and SQL Server, and running on the .NET framework.

For reporting we use Microsoft Report Builder, and several applications have been linked to the Knowledge Portal via QlikView. Some examples include the CHFT Risk Register, the Medical Devices database and the Foundation Members Trust database.

Some examples of the applications developed for our local CCGs include the CCG Risk Register, Serious Incidents database, and GBAF ( Governing Body Assurance Framework).

Post-Project Service

Once we have completed a website or design project for you we continue to work with you and your product in the following way:

  • Continued Enhancement and Support
    This ranges from continued support on use of your product to adding extra functionality.
  • Hosting and Backups
    We host all our products our internally managed server system with robust backup process provided by our Server Team.
  • Annual Maintenance
    We ensure all the products we host are kept fully up to date on their built platform and that everything continues to meet with present web requirements

What have we been working on

We have worked on a range of projects for a variety of customers over the past year. Take a look at a few of the highlights below.

Yorkshire Fertility

What was the problem and what was our solution?

Yorkshire fertility is the fertility unit for CHFT but reaches further and into private consultation. For this reason a section on an NHS website wasn’t great in advertising to the private audience.

The process we took and what we used to complete the project
The Fertility website needed to be colourful and inviting. It can be a nerve racking and stressful time looking at the options available for conception so we wanted it to guide you through.

Overall, lesson learnt from the project
The design came before the content for this website and so the structure is very linear as it wasn’t decided fully what would go where and how the content could drive the development. It works though as it serves to deliver the information clearly and concisely.

Take a look at the website here: https://yorkshirefertility.co.uk/

Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust

What was the problem and what was our solution?
We were approached by the Trust to try improve the paper process of cancelling clinic slot with consultants taking leave or changing of schedules to reduce the impact felt by the patient.

The process we took and what we used to complete the project
This was very much a staged approach with every stage broken into phases and we would meet regularly after every section to review the work and discuss the next stage.

Overall, lesson learnt from the project
This process was the first time our newly formed team had run a project together and worked brilliantly to keep such a large scale development on track  and on to specification.

Overgate Hospice

What was the problem and what was our solution?
Overgate approached us to create a holding ground for staff information that had previously only be stored on shared drives. They wanted to

The process we took and what we used to complete the project.
Overgate is a charity-based hospice and so budget was a real driver for this approach. It was creating the environment needed as simply as possible and so a lot of the work was based on tried and tested products.

Overall, lesson learnt from the project
The intranet is kept internal so cant be shared but what we learnt form this was the importance of buy in from the customer during the development process. It was some time post launching that staff were able to populate but I think that was because they didn’t have that affiliation to the product as they hadn’t been involved in the development.

The Health Informatics Services

What was the problem and what was our solution?
This project was an internal one that we rarely get chance to do so it was exciting to work with fellow colleagues we wouldn’t normally. The technicians for the Trust were using spreadsheets to keep track of equipment going in and out of locations and so IT Kit was imagined to speed up data input, improve the quality of the data collected and create a better audit trail

The process we took and what we used to complete the project
This was one of the first projects we really utilised the use of staging and getting one bit working first, tested and signed off before moving onto improving it

Overall, lesson learnt from the project
Simplicity and getting something to the client to start using early on is always key as that helps to drive what extras might be needed to enhance it

Wakefield CCG

What was the problem and what was our solution?
Wakefield already had a site designed by us but they wanted to optimise what they had to work in tune with their communication methods and to make it widely available to their target audience.

The process we took and what we used to complete the project
We wanted the display to be as simple as possible to give the information the priority, so simple block colours and direct navigation lead the approach. Ensuring that the News peaked above the fold and drew the user in was key but the customer also wanted to have the accessibility information as its core.

Overall, lesson learnt from the project
This project really brought home to us the importance of accessibility. It is always in our mind but having a customer who took it seriously too from a content perspective is great.

Take a look at the website here: https://www.wakefieldccg.nhs.uk/

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