Change Management

Our Change Management Specialists bring a wealth of experience to IT-enabled or IT-inspired service improvement throughout the NHS. With varied specialist backgrounds (business planning and analysis, clinical and communications), our Change Specialists have a unique perspective which will enable them to get the best out of your technological systems. From a clinical viewpoint we will ensure that clinical outcomes are recorded and monitored so that good quality information is available to facilitate clinical decision making and public health management. From an administrative point of view we ensure that the patient’s care pathway is as smoothly managed as possible with electronic processes managing contact, the sharing of information and the efficient scheduling of appointments.

Remember that you are always in charge of making things happen but it always helps to have an experienced, reliable and trustworthy partner to guide the way.

Our Change Management Specialists are there to make implementations of new technology feel more comfortable and less threatening, giving our customers all the advantages of improved patient care, efficiency and productivity that the NHS demands of any investment. We have experience of working with all of the different care settings, enabling us to look across pathways and organisational boundaries to ensure that information flows and maximum benefit is obtained from systems.

Our Change Management Team will be the facilitator that your team experiences first and helps define the processes that should be targeted, but they are supported by a large team of technicians, trainers and information specialists. This gives access to a broad range of experts who can highlight what could be done and how it can be translated into major gains in the way a department or pathway operates.