Registration Authority (Smartcards)

In order to access National Programme for IT(NPfIT) systems and applications, healthcare professionals are required to be registered on the spine and issued with a Smartcard. The service responsible for managing and administering this process is known as the Registration Authority(RA). The RA are responsible for identifying and granting appropriate profiles/access rights to users via their sponsors and issuing Smartcards to users.

Managing the registration and allocation of Smartcards can be a complicated and time consuming process; why not let our experts take this on for you?

Our Registration Authority Team possesses:

  • A vast knowledge of the Connecting for Health Spine and Smartcard issuing process
  • Experienced staff able to assist you with everything relating to Smart cards, including full sponsor training and advice and guidance on the Care Identity Service system (CIS)
  • The ability to complete Smartcard registrations both on and off site, as our staff are equipped with transportable card machines and cameras
  • The ability to arrange Smartcard registrations within 24 hours of the initial request
  • Remote access software to enable access to any PC via the internet to support users on RA applications

“Over the last year alone our RA team, on behalf of our customers, processed over 7,425 new Smartcard requests.”