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11. Insights  
As a leading digital healthcare organisation with proud NHS links, we believe in sharing insights into the work we do, the issues our clients face and the latest developments in our field.  
12. Case Studies  
Find out more about some of the digital health and care projects we’ve worked on.  
13. About THIS  
The Health Informatics Service is an innovative, collaborative NHS organisation providing digital and IT services to health and care providers across the UK in primary, secondary and third sectors.  
14. Design Services  
Design Services Our team of healthcare website designers is long-established in helping products and services stand out through smart and engaging websites, good user experience, content and graphic…  
15. Web Development  
Web Development Our website development service holds a strong reputation for producing high-quality websites which comply with NHS and accessibility guidelines. Our coding and development…  
16. Web and Design Services  
Built on a solid foundation of enterprise-ready, open-source platforms and years of supporting NHS customers, our healthcare website designers’ knowledge and experience are rarely matched in the…  
17. Knowledge Portal  
Knowledge Portal We offer a suite of web-based models to support our strategy for business intelligence provision in NHS organisations. These are designed by our NHS health informatics professionals…  
18. Clinical Coding  
Clinical Coding Our clinical coders and auditors are leaders in the field. We ensure your organisation receives the highest-quality data it needs across all departments and functions. Clinical…  
19. Business Intelligence  
Business Intelligence Our Business Intelligence (BI) service provides analysis and presentation of data which enable healthcare organisations to constantly improve. Our service is timely, accurate…  
20. Information Services  
Our high-quality Information Services team can help with the management of clinical capacity, organisational planning, performance, outcomes and payments.  
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