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Collaboration is the fast and efficient way of working together for better outcomes for all, utilising all the relevant technology, knowledge, insight and feedback available. Great relationships represent a key ingredient to successful healthcare outcomes and collaborative work. We’re great listeners and trusted advisers. We build excellent relationships between all the diverse stakeholders we work with. Get in touch to discuss collaborative opportunities and benefits for your organisation’s development.

We utilise the full Microsoft Office 365 suite to enable us to maximise an organisations collaboration need.  In the ever change world of remote/agile office space collaboration has never been so important, using O365 and its Apps has made this so easy.  

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Not sure which services you require? Our team is here to help. We reflect NHS values of professionalism, service and accessibility. We are here to explain options, provide solutions and serve diverse clients. You’re guaranteed a friendly welcome, expert advice and ongoing support. Get in touch for more details.

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Key Benefits

In March 2020 our host, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust had 255 users, they now have over 6500 returning users to MS Teams

With collaboration tools you are never a lone worker

Over 15,000 virtual visits were carried out during the pandemic to support patient care

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Information Services

Our high-quality Information Services team can help with the management of clinical capacity, organisational planning, performance, outcomes and payments. Our services provide key performance-based statistics which patients and healthcare providers depend on, such as information to monitor waiting times. We offer business intelligence solutions, data warehousing, information reporting and clinical coding support and courses. Our analysts have a deep understanding of the NHS and work with clinical data and health informatics for all types of care.

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Professional Services

Our Professional Services provide qualified project and programme management resource.  Our Education, Training & Development team offer a range of clinical system training courses plus Microsoft Office Specialist learning and exams. Our experienced Registration Authority team caters for all smartcard requirements and we also have an award-winning Information Governance Service including Data Protection Officer consultancy. Find out how our professional services team can meet your requirements.

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